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using wen two years ago. so...you tell me. does wen really work? ♪ >> i've seen a lot of changes since i first started using wen. my hair's so much healthier now, it's so much smoother, it's so much silkier, and it all starts with wen. >> with wen, it's just like this "kumbaya" product that
. the nuwave heats up twice as fast, uses up to 70% less energy and is safer than any cooktop. best of all, the nuwave is the only portable cooktop that gives you precise temperature control with the simple press of a button. professional chefs create
products. this is an important message. we see it all around us. two-thirds of our population is overweight. it's time as a nation to wake up and realize how fat and unhealthy we are really becoming. over the past 30 years, our fast food lifestyles have helped to create this health crisis, with an increase in heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, and it's starting at an early age. it's becoming a worldwide epidemic. but there is a solution-- natural, nutrient-rich whole foods and an easy way to help rejuvenate, restore and cleanse your body with potentially life-changing nutrients that can be the secret to incredible health transformations and even weight loss. introducing the all-new fusion juicer, the rapid nutrition miracle. the fast way to feed your body the vital nutrients it needs. the fusion juicer's low-induction motor quickly
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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